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Have you ever wondered how I create my bows?  Are you a DIY mom or crafter and want to create some of my Girly Kurlz hair bows and ribbon sculptures on your own? 

I never thought I would ever be open to creating tutorials because, well, it's what makes my shop unique!  

I get tons of requests for tutorials on how to create my different hair bows and flip flops.  

Whelp, let me go ahead and answer some questions here first…

Do I use tutorials myself?  I have in the past, yes.  Any tutorial I’ve used I always change it to my liking though.  Just like with cooking, you follow the directions at first, then you tweak it according to your taste.  

I’ve gotten inspiration from everywhere!  If I like it, I make it, simple as that, lol.  Some of my items like the pumpkin hair bow or the apple hair bow were not my original ideas…but the style I use is my own original idea.  

Girly Kurlz Hair Bows Ribbon Sculptures

My Kurly Pom Pom Hair Bow Design is something I came up with on accident actually.  I hate to waste ribbon so that style was created using scraps and turned into a Girly Kurlz Exclusive!!  It’s the design I use for my sports bows and several others.  

What templates have I used?  I’ve created my very own templates to use so that each bow is made as close as possible to the picture shown for each listing, although no two bows are exactly alike since these are uniquely handmade ;)

As I’ve said before a lot of my designs have came from my wonderful customers who have requested something new.  I love this because it helps to keep me thinking OUTSIDE the box!  

How do I come up with my designs?  It usually takes me a few days of brainstorming.  I’ll decide how I want it to look and whether it’ll be a 2D hair bow or a 3D hair bow.

For any listing, the first new hair bows I make and post are always for my daughters.  I have to be honest…every bow I make after that is so much prettier for some reason, LOL.  I always look at their huge collection and think, “I really need to remake their bows!”.  We’ll see if I ever get to that!  LOL

Anyway…I just wanted to update ya’ll and let you know that I FINALLY decided to start making tutorials, YAY!!  I hope you guys are as excited as I am!  

So there you go, ya'll finally convinced me to make Girly Kurlz Tutorials haha!!

I’d like to hear from you…leave a comment below and let me know which bow you’d like to see a tutorial for.  


Thanks Ladies!!


  • I would love to see a tutorial for the ballet shoes clip!

  • I’d like to see a tutorial for Jack-O-Lantern Hair Clip.Thank you.

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