Caterpillar TUTORIAL!


We have yet another tutorial for all you diy moms out there!  This one is for the Springy Caterpillar Hair Clip.  

caterpillar hair clip, bug hair clip           caterpillar hair clip, bug hair clip

Aren't these just so cute!!  Although these caterpillar's are dainty looking they are definitely bold and beautiful 😍😍.

This PDF is 13 pages of in depth instructions on how Girly Kurlz creates these little caterpillars, this is your guide on creating your very own.  

Color combinations are endless.  You can mix and match the body, you can wear them as pigtails with one being one color and the other another color for some extra attention, LOL.

You can also turn your caterpillar around, having it face the pinch part of the clip instead of away from it.

Although this is for a hair clip, this can also be a cool project you do with your kids!!  These little critters can be made and placed by one of your artificial plants around the house as decoration.  I just thought of that!  LOL, I'm going to do that and take a picture!

This is the second tutorial brought to you by Girly Kurlz and I hope it's super easy to follow.  I probably ramble a little so excuse me, I just want to make sure it's understandable by someone first starting to create hair bows.  

I added as many pics as possible of each and every step for those that like to follow pictures instead.  So hopefully this works for all skill levels of us creative mommies!

I'm still improving so if you have any suggestions, please let me know and thank you for stopping by!

If you're ready to get started you can get your Caterpillar Hair Clip Tutorial here.


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